Joy Division Inspired Glowing Pulsar Adventurer™ -  Glow in the dark lightweight silicone bong

Joy Division Inspired Glowing Pulsar Adventurer™

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All roads meet at the Joy Division Glowing Pulsar Adventurer Bong from Strong Silicone. This glow in the dark pipe is the perfect companion for your daily travels to the centre of the city.

With a warm glow that’s able to brighten Hell’s darker chamber and finished with art inspired by Joy Division, this glow in the dark bong is truly one of kind.

Your unbreakable silicone bong is foldable and lightweight for easy travel, so it brings a lot to the table without adding a lot of weight to your shoulders.

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* Includes Glass Bowl & Down Stem.

Weight 1.06 lbs I Height 14" I Mouthpiece 40mm I Exterior diameter 50mm I Base diameter 11cm I Joint 18mm I Slide  14mm