Glowing Starry Night Adventurer™ - Glow in the dark lightweight silicone bong with constellation patterns

Glowing Starry Night Adventurer™

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Follow the north star to the Glowing Starry Night Adventurer Bong. This glow in the dark water pipe is ready to shine your way home and beyond.

It’s easily folded to fit your travel gear, so it’s the perfect unbreakable bong for starry eyed adventurers. Just squish it, bend it, and store it for a mobile piece that’s galaxies beyond your standard piece.

Made from our signature Strong Silicone, this unbreakable glow in the dark bong puts the universe at your fingertips.

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* Includes Glass Bowl & Down Stem.

Weight 1.06 lbs I Height 14" I Mouthpiece 40mm I Exterior diameter 50mm I Base diameter 11cm I Joint 18mm I Slide  14mm