Eclipse Scout

Eclipse Scout



The Eclipse Scout Unbreakable Silicone Water pipe for sale is the perfect little buddy for your big adventure. With the same artwork as the larger Eclipse Adventurer, this stout tool will having you howling at the moon whatever phase she's in.

This lightweight bong can be folded to fit your pack without fear of breaking. And because it’s more compact to begin with, making room for it in your backpack, dry bag, or another carrier is super easy.

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It’s the perfectly efficient little piece you’ll want with you when you hit the trails. It may be small and unassuming, but with a pliable, durable Strong Silicone body and compact design, this dark horse is ready to take you all the way to the top!

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* Includes Glass Bowl & Down Stem.

Weight 8.4 Oz I Height 8 7/8" I Mouthpiece 30mm I Exterior diameter  38mm I Base diameter 9.8cm I Joint 18mm I Slide  14mm