Emerald Adventurer™ - Lightweight unbreakable silicone bong in emerald green

Emerald Adventurer™


Follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald Adventurer unbreakable bong for sale from Strong Silicone.

This lightweight silicone bong has the brains to be totally packable, the heart to be a loyal travel companion, and the courage to take on serious tumbles without breaking.

Made from our super sturdy, totally unbreakable Strong Silicone material, this brave little piece fits perfectly in your bike basket, a hot-air balloon, or on the back of a flying monkey.

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* Includes Glass Bowl & Down Stem.

Weight 1.06 lbs I Height 14" I Mouthpiece 40mm I Exterior diameter 50mm I Base diameter 11cm I Joint 18mm I Slide  14mm