Scout Bombproof Bundle - Unbreakable & compact silicon bong with titan downstem & glass bowl

Scout Bombproof Bundle

95.00 119.00

Get the unbreakable bong, bowl, and stem you need to take your adventures to new heights with the ready-to-roll, unbreakable, Scout Bombproof Bundle.

Ultra packable and made for the road less traveled, this smaller version of our Adventurer bong is your perfect companion for wherever the trail takes you.

The Strong Silicone bong is easily folded and packed into tight spaces, so you can quickly stow it for safe travels. The Titan-Stem Adjustable Downstem and METALFORMS bowl make this bundle the best deal out there.

Buy your Bombproof Bundle today!

Bundle Includes: Scout bongGlass Bowl & Downstem, Titan-Stem Adjustable Downstem, METALFORMS Bowl